Friday, January 1, 2010 and present a proverb to start the New Year and, in celebration of the New Year, present this proverb about changing one's future. In keeping with our theme of sharing proverbs from around the world, this proverb is from ancient Egypt, actually found on the inner walls of the temples of Luxor. (No, not the casino in Las Vegas, although those walls probably have some stories to tell as well)


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Anonymous said...

The universe has a way of molding and shaping each one of us. The experiences we have, the pain, the joys, all are ways of modifying our selves. A once kind-hearted person may later become cold and protected. An angry, rebellious child may mature into a peaceful philanthropist.

We are born empty vessels. our lives fill us with love, pain, fear, peace....each one adding to the total package. If we can guide ourselves into a life of positive experiences, we may just be able to have a hand in how we ultimately turn out to be.

thepontif said...

Interesting observation. Does help with DUI's from other states?